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I invite you to explore my YouTube channel, where you'll see first-hand some of the issues we are out there fixing.

Saturday, January 02 2021


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  1. Introduction
  2. Contractor Qualifications
  3. The BGE Audit Experience
  4. Why Do You Need It?
  5. What Kind of Service is It?
  6. More About Testing
  7. Indoor Air Quality
  8. Exterior Inspection
  9. Prepare for the Audit
  10. Takeaways from an Audit
  11. Eligibility
  12. Participation
  13. Maryland Energy Rebates
  14. Instant Savings Measures
  15. Pest Intrusion & How it Links
  16. Lower Energy Bills?
  17. Next Steps
  18. Conclusion


Everything You Need to Know About a BGE Energy Audit

Often times homeowners don't know what a BGE energy audit is or how it can actually help you understand energy waste in "three dimensional" ways.

For example, have you ever considered that an incorrectly installed bathroom exhaust fan will surely cost you more in annual energy waste than perhaps all of the old windows in your house?

Here is what the BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program can do for you:

1.  It can help you avoid choosing the wrong solution to a comfort problem you are having around the house.
2.  An energy audit can help you find practical & often missed ways to reduce your energy bill.
3.  A BGE energy audit is a great way to organize your home improvement priority list.
4.  It will undoubtedly guide you, or someone you know, to a more comfortable home.

This article breaks it all down for you and shows you how getting the audit done can really open your eyes to a few unexpected things!

This article also describes the full home energy audit offered through BGE, not the free BGE audit that is quick and designed as a pre-cursor to the comprehensive assessment. 

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Approved BGE Energy Audit Contractor

Certified BGE Energy Auditor

There are only a select few contractors in the state of Maryland that qualify to perform a BGE energy audit within the BGE weatherization program. An approved auditing company in the program has a unique skill set.

There are two certifications that are critical to understanding the audit process and being accepted into the program. A contractor that carries a Building Analyst certification can identify energy issues. The Envelope Professional designation means that we also know how to fix problems.

Most contractors know how to sell you what you want and install what they sell. BGE energy audit approved energy firms know how to show you what you need and install it so it makes a difference.

BGE Audit Google Reviews
Read what others are saying about their experience.
Hometrust Remodeling

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A Typical BGE Energy Audit Experience

Hour 1 - Meet & Greet

First, the auditor needs to learn about what is going on with your house and what has you interested in getting the audit done. You can give the auditor a tour of the house.  You and your auditor should discuss any details or items of interest you might want to share.

Hour 2 - Auditor Data Collection/ Testing

Every auditor has their own style and method. Data collection is a very important part of a home energy audit and a house can be fairly complicated.  Typically hour two is spent apart from the technician so that accurate information can be collected through testing and measurements.

Hour 3 - Attic Inspection/ Blower Door Test

Once all information from all of the key places around your home, including your attic and crawl space, have been collected the only test left is the blower door test.  The blower door test is a great opportunity to walk around the house and perform a physical inspection and go through all findings.  This way, when reporting is provided the information in the paperwork will align with the things you see around your home on the day of the audit.

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Why Do You Need a BGE Energy Audit?

A great way to significantly reduce energy waste is to tighten up the envelope of your home. When sealing is done properly your HVAC runs less, pests have a harder time getting in and you feel more comfortable.  Knowing where to look and how to accomplish improving your "building's shell" is the central focus of a BGE energy audit.  

A certified energy auditor will investigate areas of your home that typically do not see much "daylight".  It is the dark places and small spaces that sometimes yield the most information. 

Getting the service done just to have a trained pro to check out the attic or crawl space is well worth the small investment of $100!

Get questions answered such as:

  • How much insulation is needed in your attic?
  • How do you properly vent your crawl space?
  • Should you remove old insulation from your attic?
  • What is the best way to seal your crawl space?
  • Is spray foam insulation the best solution for your home?
  • Why are your windows feeling drafty?
  • Should you insulate the walls in your home?
  • What areas should you seal to reduce drafts?

Get an energy audit today and make sure your HVAC ducts are not heating and cooling areas of your home that waste a lot of your money & your comfort!

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BGE Home Energy Audits Maryland

What Kind of Service is a BGE Energy Audit?

Not every contractor in Maryland qualifies to perform a BGE energy audit.  Improving your home's building shell tightness is not as simple as adding more insulation.

BGE weatherization program energy auditors have to be certified as Building Analysts to identify what a house needs. Calculating the number of air changes per hour your house loses uncontrolled to the outside is part of  the assessment.  Check out examples of interesting things we find tied to air leakage.

A BGE energy auditor evaluates your house as it stands now. The auditor accurately takes a "snapshot" of your home's energy performance and looks around for insulation weaknesses to find easy ways to make improvements. 


Watch this attic inspection summary in a common type of home in the BGE territory.

Health and safety testing, pressure readings and an air leakage test are all data points needed to complete the energy audit.  Other evaluations depend on age, symptoms and preexisting conditions.

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What does a BGE Energy Audit Test Around Your House?

Health & Safety Testing

There are several health and safety tests that are performed during a BGE energy audit.  You can expect the following:

  • Combustion testing of any gas appliances
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Gas line leakage testing

A gas leak was detected and confirmed at this Maryland residence.

Air Flow Testing

Ventilation is an important part of healthy living and must be part of the overall plan to improve efficiency.

Take the important step of scheduling your BGE energy audit as soon as you can!  It's a steal at $100!

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How Can a BGE Energy Audit Give You a Check-In on Your Home's Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is commonly misunderstood as a number calculated in particles.  Instead, it refers to getting fresh air into a home.

A BGE energy audit is a great way to determine what your indoor air quality "score" is and how to fix any deficits that may exist. A great way to figure out indoor air quality is to consider a common misconception.

A very good carpenter that works around houses every day once said to me during a discussion about air sealing a house:

"Well gee, don't you need to let the house breathe?"

This comment has a direct tie to indoor air quality.  The answer is, YES, of course.  But, what we need to discuss is the difference between uncontrolled and controlled "breathing".

With the use of sophisticated modeling software, data collected during the audit will calculate the required air changes per hour for each individual home that is inspected.  The assessment looks to tighten a building's shell, therefore calculations are made as the house stands now and projections are calculated if the house is tightened.

The great thing about the BGE energy audit is that you can find out your indoor air quality status now without getting any additional work done.  Some houses are too tight before any measures are taken and the occupants are happy to know there is a deficit and how to remedy the issue.  An energy audit consistently delivers the options for solutions which gives the homeowner complete control.

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What does a BGE Energy Audit Look for on the Exterior of Your Home?

A walk around the perimeter of your home by a certified auditor is an important part of taking a whole house approach to remodeling.  Uncovering issues that have gone unnoticed is an effective way to prioritize your home remodeling projects. 

For example, if downspouts are not properly extended from the home, recommendations on how to remedy the issue will be provided in order to keep water away from the foundation wall.

Other areas of importance are siding, windows, doors, HVAC and trim.  Looking at ventilation areas on the outside of the home will also help to prioritize your next home improvement projects.

Watch this short clip that demonstrates the connection between the basement and the outside of your home that every energy auditor needs to pay attention to for you.


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The Initial Interview & How to Prepare for a BGE Energy Audit

Pointing out comfort issues or other concerns to your energy technician is an important part of the audit. This way proper time will be set aside to investigate your specific concerns.

Here are the ways you can prepare and get the most out of your audit:

  • Write down any comfort issues by season
  • List any smells around the house you might have noticed
  • Think about any changes to insulation you have made since living in the home
  • Find out the age of your HVAC equipment
  • If you have a wood burning fireplace, clean out the ashes before the BGE energy audit
  • Get a copy of your BGE energy bill for the audit
  • Carve out about four hours of your time to have the audit performed
  • Clear any entrances to the attic, crawl space or other area that might need insulation and is hard to access

Preplist for BGE Energy AuditDownload this one page BGE energy audit prep checklist. 


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What Takeaways Can You Expect from a BGE Energy Audit?

If you had an audit through the program or plan to get one, you should be able to identify with several if not all of the following take-aways:

  • Your technician explained the BGE energy audit process
  • You will know how much insulation you have and how much you need
  • The technician answered all of your questions
  • The technician showed you something that you did not realize about your home
  • Parts of the BGE energy audit were interactive
  • You part ways with your auditor feeling smarter about energy waste and more in control
  • A clear priority list begins to emerge with both wants and needs addressed
  • At least one do-it-yourself tip that will make an immediate impact on your energy usage/comfort
  • You remember the blower door test!
  • You felt a leakage point somewhere inside your house
  • Your home was left in the same way it was prior to the energy audit!

BGE Energy Audit Blower Door Test

These are all signs that you have had an excellent BGE energy audit!

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Who is Eligible for a BGE Energy Audit?

BGE customers qualifyIn order to qualify for the energy audit and participate in the BGE Weatherization Program, you must have an active electric and/or natural gas account with service from BGE. 

The offer is not valid for new construction, multi-family dwellings or commercial buildings.

UPDATE MARCH 2021: Single-family style duplexes/overlapping townhouses are now eligible to participate in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR audits and jobs.

The special $100 fee for the audit is also only valid for your first audit under your BGE account at a specific address.

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How to Participate in the BGE Energy Audit Program?

According to BGE the first step to get an energy audit is to select an approved BGE weatherization contractor. You can schedule a comprehensive home energy audit right away by using our scheduler tool. The cost is $100 ($400 value).

Once the BGE energy audit is complete your home's data will get entered into the modeling software. The program calculates eligible rebates. It also calculates how much energy you can save if you get the work done as prescribed.

bge energy audit program
Modeling software generates an accurate and detailed energy report.

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Incentives and Rebates Connected to the BGE Energy Audit

Are you are having a specific comfort or energy usage issue? Are you in the market for insulation, efficient windows and doors, a new water heater or new HVAC?

If you said yes, then the BGE energy audit program is an absolute no-brainer for you. Here is what the incentives cover in the way of high efficiency products and solutions:

  • Air Sealing and insulation
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • ENERGY STAR® Windows and Doors
  • Hybrid heat pump water heaters
  • Duct Sealing
  • Smart Thermostats

Learn more about how to unlock your BGE Energy Saver Rebates!

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BGE Energy Audit Instant Savings Measures

energy audit instant savingsA great benefit of the BGE energy audit is the energy saving measures that the energy auditor can install in your home on the day of the audit.  The "direct installs" include the following:

  • High efficiency LED light bulbs
  • Low-flow shower head fixtures
  • Low-flow sink aerators
  • Insulation for hot water heater pipe
  • Smart power strips

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Can a BGE Energy Audit Help Me Find Ways to Reduce Insects/Rodents In My Home?

An energy audit has one main purpose and that is to tighten the envelope of your home. This means to let less air leak in or out. Insects travel in and out through the exact same pathways.

The answer is yes! An BGE energy audit will look around your entire home to search for air leakage. When you take advantage of the available incentives to get the work done it will also help to reduce pests.

basement moisture assessment
Nature's Moisture Meter.  If you have Camel Crickets inside, humidity is too high.


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Will the results of a BGE energy audit save you money?

BGE Energy Audit

A comprehensive energy assessment through BGE will save you money - no questions asked! Upon completion of your initial inspection, the auditor will install energy saving measures. This will help you save right away!

On a bigger scale, the answer gets more complicated. There are many factors that must be in the equation to determine an answer.

For example:

  • How long will you live in the home?
  • How much work does the home need?
  • What type of fuel do you use for heating and cooling?

A BGE energy audit is the absolute best way to figure out the answer to the $ question. In fact, that is the design of the program. The audit is the analyzation step. Information obtained during the audit can set a pathway to comfort and efficiency.

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What Types of Recommendations Can Come Out of a BGE Energy Audit?

If you believe that improving comfort and efficiency is as simple as replacing windows or adding insulation to what you have then a BGE energy audit is something you should strongly consider.  Following building science principles will make great sense after the audit is complete.

Through the BGE weatherization program, a typical prescription for tightening up a house and making it more efficient will include things like caulking, air sealing, insulation and special treatment to the attic hatch.  Walls that are accessible in the attic (knee walls) may be recommended for improved treatment and the basement rim joist is a big opportunity in unfinished areas to seal up the lower areas of the home which also account for energy waste and comfort issues.

Read a Case Study  

BGE Energy Audit Case Study

Each home is different and the "low hanging fruit" are different for each home.  A good energy auditor will find differences in the same model in the same neighborhood.  The audit takes a snapshot of your home's insulation levels around the house, reports on them and makes recommendations on how to improve the boundary locations.

At the end of the process you will find out how much insulation costs.  You will also begin to understand the different aspects of a properly installed insulation project.  Careful planning and attention to details will make a big difference in the end results.

BGE Energy Audit Solutions

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Residential homes and commercial buildings account for approximately 39 percent of total U.S. energy consumption. 

Energy consumption within a building is made up of many parts and the building envelope is the single biggest factor in what part of the usage is waste.  The envelope serves as the barrier between the inside and outside. 

A BGE energy audit evaluates your home's envelope and looks for easy ways to tighten things up.  A BGE energy audit can lead to more home comfort and smaller energy bills. 



Certified home energy auditor

Written by Eric Gans
I have over 2000 energy audits under my belt in Maryland.  I like to take my personal experiences with each of my audit customers and try to get the things that concern them out into the world so others can make good home improvement decisions - in the right order - according to their needs.

Have you had a BGE energy audit and if so, what was your experience?  We want to know!


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