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Home Energy Audits

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BGE & Pepco
Official Maryland Energy Audit

home performance with energy star comprehensive home energy audits through BGE and Pepco

*Solve Mystery Comfort Issues
*Reduce your energy usage
*Improve your indoor air quality
*Make your home last forever
*Unlock incentives

Learn building science principles first!

Understanding a few key things that are happening around your house can help you avoid the story we hear a lot.

It's about the busy, hard working family that put a fortune into making their home more comfortable for the cold Maryland winters. 

They went for the big three:

  1. New windows
  2. New doors
  3. New HVAC

But, the house is still drafty, the furnace runs a lot and the bills are still high.

Summers are hot and stuffy.

Needless to say, they are not sure if they will ever live in comfort.

Is better home comfort possible? 


No two houses are exactly alike. The right investigative work needs to take place.

That's the job of an energy auditor

Let us get to work for you!


Do you need an energy audit?

How do you know?

5 Signs

We Can Help

4 Steps

1. Analyze

During your energy audit, an evaluation of the boundary between the inside and outside of your house is performed.

Additional information is collected and shared including:

*Total air leakage
*Insulation condition
*HVAC size
*HVAC age
*History of energy usage
*Indoor Air Quality
*Living space area & volume

2. Design

Insulation projects require attention to detail around the things you want fixed.

Part of your energy audit includes a report package with ROI

An itemized work scope will accompany the report. 

Priority setting can be established based on which treatment plans produce the best "bang for the buck".

3. Implement

Installation of the key measures to improve comfort and efficiency around a home should be done with great care.

It must be done right the first time.

Having a certified professional on the job to manage the process will make the difference between warm cozy nights or continued drafts.

Learn more about the 5 problems we fix.

4. Evaluate

Tightening the envelope around a home is key to reducing energy waste, lowering the drafts and decreasing the number of pests that can enter.

Running diagnostics after the work is completed will yield measurable results.

Learn about blower door testing.

Problems We Fix

Air Leakage & Drafts 
Reduce drafts, seal gaps, use less energy      

Insulation Deficiency 
Improve comfort, less HVAC usage, lower bills 

HVAC Ducts 
Identify highest priorities, seal, insulation      

Crawl Space Issues 
Encapsulation, humidity mitigation, air sealing 

Home Ventilation 
Attic baffles, bathroom exhaust, indoor air quality

maryland energy audit case study
Check out this case study about a family that made the right choices with the help of the home energy audit.

Video Can Help You Too!

Find Disconnected Ducts

A disconnected duct was found during a comprehensive BGE energy audit in Forest Hill Maryland. HVAC duct connections are important and should be evaluated from time to time...

The End of Cold Bathrooms!

Often times the reason for a cold bathroom has a lot to do with the exhaust fan and how it is installed. This is only one possiblity as there could be several other reasons as well...

Winter Draft Sources

A big reason for houses in Maryland to feel drafty is not because of windows - which is what most think. Instead, check the attic for large openings and you will find the true source....

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an energy audit help YOU?
An energy auditor is an expert on how to find root causes to high energy bills and uncomfortable living spaces. Deficiencies exist in most homes and they commonly get overlooked. The assessment can transform your living experience and it is a great way to begin your journey.
Is a home energy audit worth paying for?
Yes. We see situations in attics that HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, home inspectors and carpenters casually walk by - because they don't know what to look for. It takes a trained eye, but once pointed out, it all makes so much sense!
How does the BGE/Pepco rebate process work?
The energy audit models your home's energy usage and current energy efficiency status. The energy audit uncovers the best bangs for your buck. Incentives are generated based on making the correct fixes and forecasting future energy savings as a result.
Why is my home so cold in the winter after replacing my windows and doors?
Maryland homeowners replace windows all of the time in hopes of solving drafts and high energy bills. If your problem was not solved you likely have air leakage problems in the attic and in the basement or crawl space.
Can a home energy audit help to make my home more comfortable?
Yes! Although rarely are two houses exactly alike, there are features that present over and over again. Knowing building science principles along with repetition will undoubtedly help you move towards a more comfortable Maryland home.
Do I need to remove my current insulation to get new insulation?
Insulation is measured by its R-value. The operative word being "value". Even the old, tired insulation in your attic is giving you some value, so why pay to throw it away?
What does Hometrust Remodeling do?
We are not a traditional home improvement company. We assess and test first. Using results from diagnostics and a trained eye we then provide solutions based on building science principles as well as your needs.
If you find things to fix that will make my home more comfortable, do you do the work?
Yes! No project is too small for our company. We offer solutions and pricing and we specialize in helping you solve the little problems that can cost you big if not resolved properly.
What is better blown insulation or spray foam insulation?
A better way to think about the questions is which application will provide me the best results for the least amount of money? One duty of an energy auditor is to find the things that will cost you the least and give you back the most (comfort/energy savings). Different scenarios require different approaches to get the desired result.
What certifications do you hold to be able to offer Maryland home energy audits?
Hometrust Remodeling is certified to perform comprehensive home energy audits through the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a Building Analyst and an Envelope Professional.
Are you properly licensed and insured?
Yes! MHIC# 114593 We can furnish a copy of our insurance coverage upon request. We are also an authorized energy consultant with BGE and Pepco.
Specialized Maryland Contractor


  • MHIC Licensed
  • Building Analyst Certified
  • Envelope Professional Certification
  • EPA Lead Renovator Certified


The mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy by applying building science principles and modern air sealing and insulation techniques.

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An Energy Auditor's Purpose 
"Energy auditors visit residential buildings and talk to owners and residents.  They inspect, test, and measure to decide what energy-efficient retrofits are practical and cost effective." Residential Energy