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Insulation Video Library

Working daily within the parameters of the ENERGY STAR®  program you have to dive deep into the inner workings of how a house is built and where to look for past shortcomings that lead to current comfort problems and high energy bills.

The attic, crawl space and even sometimes the basement are the least visited places inside a home.  But, if left unchecked they can yield some of the biggest problems that are actually easy to fix.

I decided to record some of my experiences beginning November 2020.  I hope you find something that helps you. 

You don't really know what is happening in these spaces unless you get in there every so often and take a look.

Energy Audits Attic Summaries

BGE Energy Audits

Get a birds eye view of your attic when you get your audit with Hometrust.



The BGE/Pepco Energy Audit Experience

An interview was conducted with a BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program participant located in Howard County Maryland.

Questions asked:

1. What made you decide to the get the energy audit?
2. Did you get anything from the energy audit that you were not expecting?
3. What recommendations did you follow and why?

Benefits for All Homes

Getting a full assessment of your attic will help to create a more comfortable, efficient home.



Pepco Energy Audits

What's lurking in your attic?



Insulation Treatment Crawl Space

Proper Vapor Barrier

See how a vapor barrier in a crawl space is properly sealed to the foundation wall.




Watch how closed cell spray foam is applied to the crawl space walls to seal it off from the outside.



Before - After

Check out a few before and after shots of this Maryland crawl space project.



Ventilation Exhaust Fans

Gateway to Outside?

Is your bathroom exhaust fan costing you more in energy than all of your windows?



Well Functioning

We not only install the fans but we test them as well.



Properly Vented

What does a properly vented exhaust fan look like?



Ventilation Attic

Add Air Intake

Organic ventilation in the attic is the long term solution that costs a little now and nothing later.



The Baffle

Get a visualization of how an attic baffle is positioned to maintain an air channel.



Heating & Cooling Ducts

Duct Condensation

One way to solve condensation is to have the ducts outside of the house spray foamed.



Disconnected Ducts

Past shortcomings go unnoticed for decades costing residents comfort and money...



Warmer Bedrooms

Ducts in overhangs are not good combinations...



Insulation Treatment Attic

Air Sealing

Before adding insulation, you need to air seal.

What does that look like?




Block & Seal

Using specialized techniques, large gaps should be blocked & sealed.

Watch an example...



Spray Foam

Some housing styles are good candidates for spray foam insulation.

Check it out...



Blown Cellulose

Watch a quick demonstration of a blown cellulose project in progress...



Attic Ventilation

Get some perspective with how a baffle works by watching insulation being blown in below...



What is a Knee Wall?

Knee walls are big sources of comfort problems and need to be properly insulated.



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