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Pepco Home Energy Savings Program

How it Works

Pepco's Home Energy Savings Program is a portfolio of programs promoting energy efficiency and conservation, including rebates, education and services.  The program is designed around a consultative approach.

Air sealing and insulation are considered the most important measures to complete to achieve energy efficiency - before windows, doors and replacing older HVAC. 

Participating in the Pepco residential Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program (the Program) will guide you to the maximum rebate amount available to you for each home performance service.  

The Energy Audit

The initial qualifier for rebates is to get a Pepco home energy audit at the discounted price of $100 (normally $400). GET IT DONE!

For $100, you get a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment from a trained, professional contractor, including no cost installation of energy savings measures and details on potential improvements.

Get it Done Right!

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Pepco rebate program is offering homeowners a comprehensive assistance package designed to increase awareness of and demand for building performance measures.

If you live in Pepco's service territory, then The Program is designed to improve your home's energy performance, durability, comfort, health and safety.

Watch the video to get key insights into how the energy audit reports tie to the incentives.

Maryland energy rebates

Should you get a Pepco home energy audit?
Not every home is a good candidate.
Determine if it is worth $100 to you.

Pepco energy audit

Pepco Energy Rebates - Where to Start

Pepco energy audit

A Key to Success

Lowering energy usage in a Maryland residential home depends mostly on reducing heating and cooling costs.  The best way to achieve a decrease is to seal up your home's "shell".

Once the building shell is tighter with air sealing and insulation in the right places it is no surprise that your HVAC systems will be much more efficient and your family's overall comfort will be improved.

High Priority Projects

Pepco energy rebates are available for air sealing and insulation and are revealed once the energy audit is complete.  Air sealing and insulation are considered the most important measures to complete to achieve energy efficiency - before windows, doors and replacing older HVAC.

Treating the needs of your home with the most cost-effective solutions for the best payback is the goal of an energy audit and the Pepco Home Energy Savers rebate program. 

Your Benefits

  • Improved Comfort
  • A Sustainable Home
  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Reduced Pepco Energy Bills 
  • Better Indoor Air Quality

Pepco Rebate Program

Schedule your comprehensive Pepco home energy audit to have your home assessed. 

The energy audit will determine exactly what rebates apply to your home. 

Learn more about a Pepco energy audit here.

A Program Participant's Experience 

Why not just add insulation?

                   We share solutions with you in real time!

Pepco home performance with energy star

Home Performance with ENERGY STARĀ®

Home Performance is to consider how the parts of a home work together.

The best way to achieve comfort, efficiency and healthy indoor air quality is to look at each part.

According to the EPA, one of the main strategies of HPwES is to educate homeowners through the home energy audit. The owner along with the auditor can create a clear pathway for making improvements.

The Pepco Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program joins the home audit inspection with the Pepco energy rebates.

Pepco insulation rebate

Old Way of Thinking About Insulation

Similar to Pluto no longer having a place amongst the major planets, the world of insulation is likely to be demoted. 

As it turns out, insulation has been installed incorrectly for a very long time. 

Don't simply think that if you see insulation in the attic that you have everything "covered".

Insulation, in order to be effective, must be accompanied by an air barrier.  Air barriers take many forms.  Insulation that is subjected to air flow will not meet the listed R-value on the label.

Qualifying for Pepco insulation rebates depends on a correctly installed insulation project.

A trained Pepco energy auditor can determine where weaknesses exist in your house's shell in order to prescribe proper treatment and maximize your return on investment.

Pepco Rebate Program - How Much?

During the audit, a home performance "snapshot" of your house is taken.

The following measures are assigned a rebate amount based on modeled electric and gas savings that a properly trained energy auditor maximizes for you. 

Air Sealing and Insulation
Heating and Cooling Equipment*
ENERGY STAR® Windows and Doors*
Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters*

*Project must include air sealing and attic insulation (R-49). The rebate is up to $10,000 or 75% of the total project cost.

**Duct Sealing rebates are $500, or $750 if done on combination with air sealing and insulation.

UP TO $7500 OR 75% OF JOB COST  



Eligibility: The offer is valid for BGE residential customers that apply through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program only. 

To qualify, you must have a BGE account number and you must work along with a participating contractor.

The work must meet specific guidelines and strict building standards for ventilation and energy codes. 

Air sealing must be completed prior to installing insulation in all circumstances. 

Most projects require the installation of programmable ventilation to meet indoor air quality standards for a healthy and safe environment once the home is tightened up.

Pepco Energy Audit Maryland

Should you get a Pepco energy audit?

Is Your Home a Good Candidate for the Audit?

Maybe getting an audit would not open Pepco rebates to you for some reason.

A few key observations can usually guide your decision.

Take the Assessment


Get right to it and get your Pepco energy audit.  Like one customer that had the audit done said:

"You have been working non-stop Eric.  Are you sure it is only $100 for the energy audit? 
I have to pay the refrigerator repair man $80 just to walk in the door whether he can fix it or not."

Contract with Hometrust

Approved Pepco Contractor

Any contracted work scope has to start from an eligible HPwES audit and corresponding findings. Pepco Energy Rebates

Prior to paying out the rebates, Pepco reserves the right to inspect the work for meeting all applicable building codes, zoning laws, local, state and federal requirements; and other relevant requirements.  Any program participants home may be selected for a quality control post-installation inspection by Pepco.

Translation:  The job needs to be done by the book!

Specialized Maryland Contractor


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Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy. We achieve this by applying building science principles and modern air sealing and insulating techniques.

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