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Home Comfort Tactics Podcast

brought to you by Eric Gans

home comfort tips and tricks podcast

Welcome to Home Comfort Tactics. There is a massive void in how people think about improving their homes. This show will fill the hole. I have been all over Maryland, and nine of every ten houses are under-insulated. I hope the Inflation Reduction Act gains momentum and generates interest in home performance. We aim to help you understand what home performance is and why it makes so much sense! You will be able to do some of the things you learn on the show yourself, and others you might need a helping hand. The main thing is that knowledge will give you a sense of calm and put you in the driver's seat, moving towards success.

Listen to the intro to get a flavor for the show...

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Podcast Episode 1: 5 Unobvious Things You Can Do for A Cozier Home
Podcast Episode 2: How to Unlock Valuable HVAC Rebates in Maryland
Podcast Episode 3: Intro to How Eric & Kyle Got Into Home Performance
Podcast Episode 4: 6 Reasons for Hot Upper Floors During Summer Months
Podcast Episode 5: Whole-House Fan Problematic Discussion
Podcast Episode 6: Retrofitting 101
Podcast Episode 7: Raccoons in the Attic!
Podcast Episode 8: Choose Your Energy Auditor Wisely
Podcast Episode 9: 5 Reasons To Get An Energy Audit After You Buy A House

Podcast Episode 10: 5 Signs (to check yourself) You Need a Home Energy Audit
Podcast Episode 11: Today I Wanna Talk To You About Air Leakage

Podcast Episode 12: New Replacement Windows vs. Air Sealing
Podcast Episode 13: How an Energy Audit Solved the Case of the Peeling Drywall Tape
Podcast Episode 14: The Basics About Crawl Spaces for Cold and Humid Climates
Podcast Episode 15: What is Whole-House as a System? THE BASICS
Podcast Episode 16: Fall Bucket List for a Cozy Comfy Home - DIY
Podcast Episode 17: Your Fall Bucket List for a Cozy Comfy Home - PRO LIST
Podcast Episode 18: 3 Reasons Energy Audits Just Work for People!
Podcast Episode 19: How Much Insulation Do Maryland Homeowners Need?
Podcast Episode 20: 12 Years of Replacement Window Knowledge in 8 Minutes
Podcast Episode 21: 3 Building Science Principles Every Homeowner Should Know
Podcast Episode 22: Intro to the Inflation Reduction Act for Homeowners

Podcast Episode 23: A Summary of the HOMES Rebates Program That Any Homeowner Can Understand
Podcast Episode 24: Navigating the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate Program (HEEHR)
Podcast Episode 25: Every Day Homeowner with a Condensation Problem

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Building Performance Institute
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Helping You!

*Improve home comfort
Educate you about your home
*Find air leakage in your home
*Improve energy efficiency
*Use science for solutions
*Assess your building's shell
*Help prioritize improvements
*Find the root causes
*Assess insulation levels
*Measure indoor air quality
*Evaluate windows & doors
*Evaluate attic ventilation

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