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Eric Gans - Certified Home Energy Auditor

Specializing in Home Comfort

Back in the day, I spent a good amount of time with my window and siding customers pointing out how the exterior parts of a house work together.

At the time, like many in my field, I failed to understand some of the key connections between the inside and outside of a house.

Now I use three-dimensional thinking to give YOU the best possible advice. I can teach you how to make your home more weather resistant and my specialty is air leakage and drafts.

With over 2000 home energy audits under my belt in Maryland, I know the common places around a house that are problematic and I can show you!

A Different Way to Think

Who has time to think about Building Science?  Not many do, but you should! Especially if you want a more comfortable and more efficient home.

We live in buildings that are wasting energy. In most cases, the losses can easily be reduced. If you know where to look, there are big opportunities for money saved, comfort gained and to help climate change. 

If you are not aware of few key insights it won't take long to get on the wrong track when trying to improve your home.

I went down the wrong rabbit hole myself a few times and it took me twelve years to figure it all out.

I can teach you in a few minutes!

A Home Performance Podcast
Another way to spread the knowledge!

There is a massive void in how people think about improving their homes. This show will fill the hole.

Hospitality Came First

In 2006 I left a five-year career with Hilton Hotels Corporation.  I had a significant role at the Embassy Suites in Old Town Alexandria, VA after stops in Rockville, Washington DC and Tysons Corner.  

In the hotel business people and high-quality service are the top priorities.  It came naturally to me, and I received recognition for my work with Hilton.  

Hilton Hotel Recognition
Me with Important People - 2002 - Hilton Hotels Corp.

Teamwork is also essential.  Coordination, proper management techniques, and attention to detail make a hotel operation flow smoothly.

As it turns out, running a successful hotel is much like running a successful home performance project that pays off.

The Start of My Exterior Remodeling Experience

In 2003, a friend took a bold leap and started a small window company, and as the business gained momentum, he turned to me for help - even though I had no prior experience in the home improvement industry.

We decided to take a different approach - we prioritized the overall process and customer experience. And our gamble paid off - in no time, our company took off and became the talk of the town, thriving for an impressive ten years!

As soon as I started working in the window company, I knew I was in the right place. I was always eager to experiment with new products and showcase their features to customers. One of my favorite demonstrations involved smashing a baseball bat against laminated window glass to show how it adds an extra layer of safety. You might recognize me as the guy in the red jacket from the 2008 video!



But my curiosity didn't stop at windows. As I dove deeper into home improvement, I discovered other essential projects like siding, roofing, and gutters. I liked the intricate details of each project and learning more was fun. With every new challenge, I became increasingly skilled - honing my understanding of each system and how they worked together.

Read a small portion of this testimonial from 2013.                          


Read the entire letter here

Although reviews were good and we focused on customer service and quality materials, other factors led the company to shut its doors in 2015.   


Setting a New Path in the Maryland Home Remodeling Space

After that, I started assuming roles with other local contractors but soon realized something was amiss. Despite enjoying helping others improve their homes, I felt a nagging sense of dissatisfaction - like I was lacking passion. It was clear that I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate what I truly wanted out of my career.

In 2017, I stumbled upon a fascinating way to help homeowners - Home Performance! I was eager to learn everything I could from air sealing to attic insulation and proper ventilation to low-cost HVAC improvements. The required certification was a challenging blend of science and residential building knowledge, but I was determined to succeed. By the end of that year, I had earned my Building Analyst certification through the Building Performance Institute.


But it wasn't until I conducted a home energy audit on my own house that I truly experienced the benefits of this work. The rebated insulation work in my attic made a massive difference in my home's comfort and energy bills. That feeling of successfully bringing a professional skill into my personal life was exhilarating - and I knew I had to spread the word.

For me, building science principles took on a new meaning. I firmly believe that every homeowner should learn critical concepts that can significantly affect their comfort, energy bills, and overall efficiency.

I'm proud to say I've earned all my licenses. I help Maryland homeowners improve their quality of life and make their homes more durable.

Thanks to the Home Performance rebate program, customers of BGE and Pepco are signing up for our work - and the results have been consistently impressive!


Why Should You Get Your BGE or Pepco Energy Audit with Me?


In addition to superb energy audit experience and detailed reporting package I also offer the following:

Hometrust Remodeling Maryland Home Improvement License 114593

Building Performance Institute Certified
Building Performance Institute
Eric Gans
Building Analyst
Envelope Professional
BGE Approved Energy Contractor
Pepco Approved Energy Contractor

Helping You!

*Improve home comfort
Educate you about your home
*Find air leakage in your home
*Improve energy efficiency
*Use science for solutions
*Assess your building's shell
*Help prioritize improvements
*Find the root causes
*Assess insulation levels
*Measure indoor air quality
*Evaluate windows & doors
*Evaluate attic ventilation

The Big Secret About Replacement Windows 

Considering New Windows?

It took me 12 years
to figure this one out...


A Home Performance Podcast
Another way to spread the knowledge!

There is a massive void in how people think about improving their homes. This show will fill the hole.

    Specialized Maryland Contractor


    • MHIC Licensed
    • Building Analyst Certified
    • Envelope Professional Certification
    • EPA Lead Renovator Certified
    • YouTube Learning Channel


    Our mission is to help Maryland homeowners create a more comfortable home and save energy. We achieve this by applying building science principles and modern air sealing and insulating techniques.

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    Proudly working in BGE & Pepco's Home Performance w/ ENERGY STAR program in Maryland to deliver whole-house energy savings to improve comfort & help protect the environment.
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    "Energy auditors visit residential buildings and talk to owners and residents.  They inspect, test, and measure to decide what energy-efficient retrofits are practical and cost-effective." Residential Energy