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Eric Gans - Certified Home Energy Auditor

Home Performance Maryland Contractor
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Hello and thank you for visiting. 

The one thing that you will find in my approach to being a home energy auditor is that I work really hard at it which translates to better results, experiences and information for you.

If you care to learn more...all of this started in the hospitality industry...

Hospitality Came First

In 2006 I left a five-year career with Hilton Hotels Corporation.  I was on an upward trajectory with Hilton.  I had a solid position as Director of Sales and Marketing for the Embassy Suites in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  It was a great role with a great company and a great boss!

It came naturally to me.  I like to work with people.  That is exactly what the hospitality industry is...a nice mixture of relationships, business and service. 

Eric Gans Hilton Hotels Corporation
Me - 2004 - Hilton Hotels Corp.

I think the biggest thing that I took away from my time in the hospitality industry and with Hilton is how vital the "front line" employees are to the overall success of the business.  This includes the housekeeping staff, front office clerks, the banquet servers and the cooks on the line preparing the meals.

When I received an award from Hilton and I was called to the stage during an employee holiday function to accept, I knew immediately what I would say when I got up there... 

"I would not be standing here if it were not for the people sitting in this room". 

As it turns out, I would soon learn that there are many similarities to the important people working to make a hotel function successful and the skilled technicians installing windows, attic insulation and siding.

The Start of My Exterior Remodeling Experience

In 2003 a friend started a small window company and gained some momentum and wanted me to help.  I had never worked in the home improvement industry at the time. 

We decided to mesh our skill sets and after a quick learning period and a lot of hard work, we did over 2 million in sales in 2007.  We focused on the overall process and the customer experience.    

Read a small portion of this testimonial from 2013.                          


Read the entire letter here

The first part of my home improvement journey was great, but unfortunately, it ended abruptly.  We went out of business in 2015.   

I had to go through a very tough stretch and come to grips with failure. I had to accept it and deal with it head on. 


Setting a New Path in the Maryland Home Remodeling Space

I started to rebuild things shortly after.  I took on roles with other local contractors and learned about some of what made them successful.  I wanted to fully understand what I had done wrong.

In 2017 I earned the Building Analyst certification through the Building Performance Institute which I took a real liking to.  I had just enough knowledge from nine years of working on houses and studied enough to earn the important certification.  Soon after I became a home energy auditor for a great local company and began using my new skill set in the field. 

Then, I had a personal experience with home performance work in my attic and it was one of those moments in life when everything really clicks.  I connected the things I had been learning as an auditor with my own personal comfort issue and the solutions really worked.

Hear More About How My Experience Can Help You Make Better Home Comfort Improvement Decisions

Soon after, everything was making perfect sense to me.  I was helping Maryland homeowners solve their home comfort issues.  BGE and Pepco customers were signing up for the work through the Home Performance rebate program and the results were very good.


That brings me great satisfaction and a true sense of purpose which at age 47 feels very good to find!

Hometrust Remodeling Begins

Shortly after this life event, I studied and passed the Maryland Home Improvement Commission license exam and later I earned my Envelope Professional certification through BPI and became a lead safe certified company.  


Since then, I have performed well over one-thousand comprehensive home energy audits for BGE and Pepco in Maryland with great success.

My early days at Hilton along with my experience and training in home performance gives me the ability to offer a unique brand of expertise and friendliness.


Why Should You Get Your BGE or Pepco Energy Audit with Me?

Hometrust is my way to use my space on this earth to educate my fellow Marylanders on how to make the right changes to their home so it saves energy and actually makes things more comfortable.

Because you only get the energy audit once for $100 it is wise to get the most out of it the first time.  It takes a well-rounded auditor with unique skill sets within the broader skill set to be able to deliver that for you.

For example, in addition to superb energy audit experience and reporting package you can also expect:

  • Warm Friendliness
  • Developed Communication Skills
  • Window Expertise
  • Roofing Knowledge
  • Siding Guru
  • Insulation Know How
  • Diagnostic Testing and Interpretation 
  • Dedication
  • Respect for Your Property
  • A Genuine Synopsis of Your Home's Performance
  • No Sales Pressure - Ever

    Eric Gans
Building Performance Institute Certified
Building Performance Institute
Building Analysts
Envelope Professionals
BGE Approved Energy Contractor
Pepco Approved Energy Contractor

Helping You!

*Improve home comfort
Educate you about your home
*Find air leakage in your home
*Improve energy efficiency
*Use science for solutions
*Assess your building's shell
*Help prioritize improvements
*Find the root causes
*Assess insulation levels
*Measure indoor air quality
*Evaluate windows & doors
*Evaluate attic ventilation

Certified Energy Auditor Maryland

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    • EPA Lead Renovator Certified

    Hometrust Remodeling is a licensed contractor specializing in a whole-house approach to home remodeling with an emphasis on educating our customers, providing energy efficient solutions, maintaining a network of high caliber technicians and using building science principles.

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