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Sweetbough Court - This Year You Can Beat the Summer Heat

Summer home comfort in Potomac, MD

The heat from the hot attic radiates rapidly into the home if insulation is mis-aligned or missing.

Sweetbough Court, N. Potomac 20878

Look to building science and having a proper assessment performed to help you make the right improvement choices for home comfort in the hot summer months.  A new HVAC system is likely not the right solution for a cooler home in summer.

Temperatures in the attics of Potomac area, MD homes during summer months can go as high as 150-160 degrees.  It is a brutal place with stifling air and high amount of humidity.  When an attic is not properly vented, air sealed and insulated the stagnant hot air and pressure in the attic forces excess attic heat through the drywall and other bypasses into the house making summer days at home a drag.  

Consider this:

Sweetbough Court homeowners that have not had any work done in their attic to the insualation can make some very minor and insignificant changes to the pressure and thermal boundary of the attic insulation distribution and gain huge movement towards a path of better overall conditions inside your home and lower energy bills as well. 

What can Sweetbough Court homeowners do? 

Pop your head in your attic hatch today and if you see this picture, then you have an issue than can easily be fixed! 

Insulation Potomac, MD 20878

Summer home comfort remedies for Potomac, MD homeowners:

  • Proper baffle installation 
  • Proper insulation levels 
  • Proper air sealing 
  • Proper rim joist treatment
  • Proper crawl space treatment
  • Proper intake at soffit 
  • Proper pressure & thermal boundary alignment

Comfort and even temperatures on all floors can happen on hot summer days!

 Take a look at an attic this is healthy compared to one that is not


Healthy attic vs. unhealthy attic Maryland climate

Healthy Potomac, MD Attic Vs. Unhealthy Potomac, MD Attic

Effective Insulation is Two Parts
Proper Pressure & Thermal Boundary Alignment
Regardless of which material and application is used, insulation is not fully effective in Potomac home attics and other insulated areas unless it is properly installed and fully aligned with a contiguous air barrier. Insulation works because it incorporates air pockets that resist the flow of heat, or slows the conduction of heat. This resistance to heat flow is measured by the R-value of the material. 

Most insulation (with the exception of spray foam and rigid foam board) does not stop air flow.  The most cost effective insulation solutions for a house in Potomac Maryland requires a separate air barrier or "skin" to stop the flow of air. For the air barrier itself to be effective, it must be contiguous and continuous across the entire building envelope, with all holes and cracks fully sealed, and it must be perfectly aligned with the insulation. 

As a general rule, warm air moves towards cold air.  Insulation slows the movement of the heat way down when the thickness is at R-49.  Air sealing keeps humidity out of the home in the summer, particuarly in the basement areas.  Air sealing also acts as another line of defense against heat from the attic.



Potomac Maryland attic insulation and air sealing company

Air Sealing & Insulation Go Hand in Hand for Comfortable Homes in Potomac, MD

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